The Right Disaster Recovery Option

Speaker: DOUG PURNELL  So you have a good backup strategy in place, but now you have to think about recovery. Where do you start and what are your options? SQL Server offers several options, but then how do you choose the right one to meet your business requirements? In this session, we will go over…


Keeping SQL Server Safe

Speaker: KEVIN FEASEL A default SQL Server installation is reasonably secure, but “reasonably secure” doesn’t cut it in an era in which one bad line of code, one weak password, or one open port can result in your customer database ending up on Pastebin. In this talk, we will look at different methods of securing…

Connecting Systems

The Ins and Outs of SQL Indexes

Speaker: MINDY CURNUTT This session focuses on the fundamentals of SQL Server index design and creation. Terms that will be covered and clarified: clustered index, non-clustered index, uniqueness, covering index, fill-factor, scan, seek, key lookup, and fragmentation. This is the session for all those who have always found indexes confusing and somewhat elusive. We will…

Database Performance

User Selected Sessions

Speakers TBD One of the unique portions of the conference will be user selected sessions.  In the opening of the conference, we will have the opportunity to suggest topics and then vote on the sessions we want to hear about.  We will match presenters to sessions and those sessions will be given on the second…


Closing Thoughts

CARLOS L CHACON  As we wrap up the conference sessions, I want to leave you with some thoughts on how you can take what we have learned about and help leverage this to make the most of all the opportunities we are given.


The Low Down on Big Data

Speaker: KEVIN FEASEL  It can seem like the relational database will soon make way to their new Big Data overlords. This sessions gives an overview of the big data technologies, but we also want to touch on how technologies like poly-base can help tie those systems together. Part of this discussion should also include the…

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